Profile of Ai


Age30 years old
height・BWH measurements155cm B:81cm(C),W:57cm,H:82cm
Powder massageI can
Oil massageI can
Special skillOil massage / Nipple torture / Testicle massage
HobbyI love traveling. and Shopping. and Reading.
Blog(Japanese)Blog link
Nice to meet you, I'm Ai ❤️🐳

[About testicle massage 🍰]
Testicle massage is certified by the FJS Association and has been acquired in the Testicle Therapist Course, and we offer a super advanced testicle massage service.

Men's squirting 🐳 Leading to dry orgasm, light touch massage and prostate massage have a good reputation 💗
I would be happy if you could add it to your height and healing 💋