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Service contents and Prohibited acts

Reservation method

Massage lady goes to your room

Our shop is an indoor erotic massage shop. A woman will come to your room at your reservation time.

You can choose your favorite woman.
In that case, an extra charge of 2,000 Jpy will be charged.
If you leave the choice of women to the store, there is no extra charge.

After making a reservation inquiry, we will send you a price and a reservation confirmation email.

Payment will have to be made in advance. When the lady arrives, please pay in cash in Japanese Yen.

Massage will start after payment.

The security system of the hotel may prohibit women from entering the room.
In that case, you will have to meet the woman in the lobby.

Arrival may be late by a traffic condition.

basic charge.90minutes 34,000jpy.120minutes 42,000jpy.150minutes 50,000jpy.

play picturesbasic charge.90minutes 34,000jpy.120minutes 42,000jpy.150minutes 50,000jpy.

For reservations and inquiries, please use the link below.

Play contents


A woman is preparing for a massage. Please wash your body in the shower in the meantime.

Healing and relaxation massage

Healing and relaxation massage
Relax your mind and body with a soothing massage.
You can choose “Powder Massage" or “Oil Massage".

Erotic massage

Erotic massage
Full-body sensual massage with a gentle touch like feathers touching each other.

Erogenous zone intensive massage

Nipple licking
【Nipple licking】
She stimulates your nipples with fingers and tongue.

Testicular massage
【Testicular massage】
She will increase her energy by encouraging blood flow around your testicle.

Prostate massage
【Prostate massage】
She inserts her finger in your anal and stimulates the prostate gland.
You can experience “dry orgasm” by stimulating the prostate gland.
There are also many anal goods such as Enemagra · Anal Vibe.

Happy Ending Massage

male squirting
【Hand job】
Massive cumshot and male squirting orgasm.

Prohibited acts

French kiss.
Blow job.
forced intercourse.
Behaviors and behaviors that women find dangerous.