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In-room erotic massage in Tokyo. About Gotanda Kaishundo

Gotanda Kaishundo is the only indoor-only erotic massage shop in Tokyo, Japan, which has registered its original play “male squirting" as a trademark with the Patent Office.
From Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, we will dispatch an exclusive sex therapist specializing in male squirting and dry orgasm to the 23 wards of Tokyo.五反田駅周辺は5分~10分で回春嬢がお伺いします。We will dispatch women to hotels in Shinagawa Ward, Minato Ward, Meguro Ward, Shibuya Ward, Chiyoda Ward, Ota Ward, Setagaya Ward, and Kawasaki City (Kawasaki Ward, Saiwai Ward, Nakahara Ward, Takatsu Ward).
Rejuvenating massage, shiatsu massage, prostate massage, glans massage, testicle massage, nipple torture, dry orgasm, leg job, hand job, and climax orgasm that you can’t usually enjoy. Also, I would like you to taste the best “male squirting" in Japan.
Gotanda Kaishundo, which has a registered patent, is the only shop in Japan that can perform male squirting.

Dispatch main area

【Shinagawa Ward】
Gotanda / Osaki / Togoshi / Oi / Shinagawa
Takanawa / Konan / Shirokane / Shiba / Shiba Park / Shibaura / Azabu / Roppongi
Omori / Kamata

Dispatch main station

【JR Yamanote Line】
Gotanda Station / Osaki Station / Shinagawa Station / Takanawa Gateway Station / Meguro Station
【Tokyu Ikegami Line】
Osaki Hirokoji Station / Togoshi Ginza Station
【Toei Asakusa Line】
Takanawadai Station / Sengakuji Station
【Keikyu Main Line】
Kitashinagawa Station / Shinbanba Station / Aomonoyokocho Station / Omorikaigan Station
【Keihin-Tohoku Line】
Oimachi Station / Omori Station / Kamata Station
【Rinkai Line】
Shinagawa Seaside Station / Tennozu Isle Station

You can experience climax pleasure with “male squirting" and “dry orgasm" at a rejuvenating erotic massage shop in Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku.

At Gotanda Kaishundo, you can experience the topic of “male squirting" and “dry orgasm". “Otoko no Squirting" is an original play that originated at Kaishundo in Gotanda and is patented.