A means of payment and list of charges

basic charge system

As for the payment, cash or a credit card is usable.The payment cash would like Japanese yen, US dollar, Euro.Please prepare so that change is not paid.
In the case of the US dollar or Euro, it becomes a rate in consideration of agio and an exchange rate.please contact the shop.
The following rates are traffic movement costs, course fee, a service charge, prices including all.
When you appoint a woman; is 2,000 yen separately.
When you entrust the choice of the women to a shop, it is free.
The payment is a deposit system. Please pay after the arrival of the girl.

When you pay by a credit card, only the online settlement is possible.
Firstly you contact a shop and make a reservation, and, please confirm a settlement amount of money. Afterwards from this to the online settlement page.


Available currency
Available credit card

VIP massage course

vip massage course: 80min 30000(JPY),110min 36000(JPY), 140min 42000(JPY)

One massage girl goes to the hotel where you stay or the home.

The massage girl takes care of you by Full-scale japanese massage and erotic massage.

All the massage girls are Japanese girl.


date&VIP massage course

date&VIP massage course:6houres 90000(JPY),8hours 110000(JPY),10hours 130000(JPY)

One massage girl goes to the hotel where you stay or the home.

Please enjoy a meal and the conversation with the girl.If a date is over, you can enjoy erotic vip massage.

The restaurant in the hotel and the dating place including the cafe nearby are your freedom.You must pay the meal charges.

It is your freedom at date time and the massage time with the girl.

All the massage girls are Japanese girl.

Erotic Lounge Tokyo
Reception time is from 12p.m to next day 3a.m(Japan time zone)

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